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Your Website Must Be Faster – Right Now

If you haven’t yet checked your website’s speed at Google’s PageSpeed Insights, stop now and click the link. It only takes a minute, and your business depends on it. All done? Good job. Here’s why we asked you to do that. Page speed is already quite significant to how your window and door or window coverings website gets ranked in organic search. But this metric is about to become imperative. Read More

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Search Engine Marketing and Advertising for Funeral Homes

PPC Funeral Home Advertising: Search Engine Marketing & PPC Drive At-Need Case Counts Funeral home operators understand that marketing their businesses require attention to two types of clientele: pre-need and at-need. While it’s vitally important to do both, today I’d like to focus specifically on techniques that drive case counts with at-need clientele. When people need to arrange services for an unexpected passing (or simply don’t have a plan in Read More

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Focus on Tone in Funeral Home Advertising

Promoting a typical local business is a very different process than funeral home advertising. Quite simply, advertising death care services requires an entirely different skill set. It puts limits on approach, tone and word use that your local landscaper, coffee shop or auto parts store never has to worry about. It’s a tricky balance, one many funeral homes have struggled with over the years, particularly as advertising for brick-and-mortar businesses Read More

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Getting Creative with Funeral Home Advertising

There’s no such thing as being “creative” with funeral home advertising, right? That seems to be the mindset of both some funeral directors and some advertising agencies: When promoting something like death care services, you just have to keep things simple and straightforward. Stay traditional. Don’t rock the boat, as it were. At Ring Ring Marketing, we understand where that rationale comes from, but it simply isn’t true. Of course, Read More

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Funeral Home Online Marketing that Drives Case Counts

The various processes of funeral home marketing online, as opposed to traditional means, aren’t entirely like those of other industries. You wouldn’t want to use the quite the same language or follow the same structure as you would for a real estate company or an electrician. Promoting death care services obviously requires a more nuanced, caring approach. No funeral home wants to come off as brash or overly obsessed with Read More

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