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3 Tips for Using GMB Posts for Your Home Improvement Marketing

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Posted On: November 22, 2021

Businesses that use Google My Business get an average of 59 actions from their GMB profile every month. That’s close to 60 connections using a free tool. With a little effort on your part, you can maximize those opportunities for your home improvement firm.

One way to maximize the value you get from your free Google My Business profile is to regularly post on it. But these aren’t the same types of posts that you would make on Facebook.

On social media, the rule is: Don’t always talk about your business. You’re supposed to share links to other content, engage in conversations, and even post memes or entertainment-only content. But GMB is all about your business, so you’ll want to avoid the memes—and you can’t post links at all.

Here are some tips for using GMB posts for home improvement marketing:

  1. Opt for shorter posts. You can write up to 1,500 characters for several types of GMB posts. That’s roughly 250 words on average. But according to Google, shorter posts perform better than wordier ones. Aiming for 25 to 50 words can help you get more views and click-throughs on your GMBs posts.
  2. Choose the right post type. You can post images of and information about your products in a post type call “Products.” These create a gallery of sorts that people can browse right on the search page. You can also post “Offers” if you’re running a special on products or services. Other post types include hours updates, COVID-19 updates, what’s new, and events.
  3. Make sure every post has a call to action. Google makes it easy with buttons. “Call now” lets people click to call you from their mobile device, for example. “Learn more” lets you send someone to a specific page on your website, and “buy” provides the searcher with an option to purchase right from the GMB profile. Other buttons include book, order online, sign up, and get offer.

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