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White Space: What, Why, and How to Create it in Your Home Improvement Marketing Content

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Posted On: October 19, 2021

Including white space consistently in your marketing content helps people understand what you’re communicating better. Studies indicate that comprehension rises by around 20 percent when there’s an appropriate amount of white space in margins and between paragraphs and other elements on the page.

What Is White Space?

White space is anywhere on the page (digital or physical) that doesn’t include text or other content. Margins, line breaks between paragraphs, and areas where text doesn’t run all the way to the margin (such as with a series of short bullet points) are all examples of white space.

Why Is White Space Important for Home Improvement Marketing?

The right amount of white space helps ensure consumers have a more positive experience with your marketing content:

  • Content with white space is easier to scan because it’s broken into smaller chunks of content.
  • White space reduces the intimidation related to your page. Without it, the content can look like a big wall of text without a pause or organization to make it easier to understand.
  • “Pauses” in the content indicated by white space can help clue the reader in to changes in content or overall themes, making the information easy to ingest and remember.

Easy Tips for Including White Space

Web designers can help you add white space to home improvement marketing pages, but you can also do a lot on your own by following some basic tips for web content creation:

  • Write shorter paragraphs. The space between paragraphs creates white space. Try to keep paragraphs between two and four sentences on average.
  • Write shorter sentences on average. It’s okay to have a longer sentence here and there, but keeping sentences on the shorter side on average makes content easier to read and shortens your paragraphs.
  • Break content up with subheadings. Subheadings also make content easier to scan.
  • Use bulleted lists. They make it easy for people to find the information they’re looking for and create white space between paragraphs.

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