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3 Actions Home Improvement Companies on Facebook Must Take Today

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Posted On: September 7, 2021

Facebook is polarizing—in and out of the marketing world. Ask three people and you’re likely to get three different opinions about whether you should be on Facebook and how to use it.

But the fact remains that the platform has a share in the social media user market. Plus, the people who use Facebook are from all ages, income levels, locations, and backgrounds, making it a good site for expanding your audience.

Here are three things you should do today with regard to marketing your home improvement business on Facebook.

1. Claim a Business Page

Even if you’re a very small firm of one or two people, avoid using your personal Facebook page as your vehicle for drumming up business on social media. Facebook business pages ensure access to some tools that help you connect with consumers, and they’re designed to show up in searches better.

Many consumers start their search for local goods and services on Facebook, and a business page helps you show up and look authentic for those people.

2. Add Some High-Quality Images

Add photographs to your profile. Images of your place of business, the work you’ve completed, your staff, and even your work trucks or vans can be a good idea. These all help people feel more familiar with your business, see that you’re a clean and professional firm, and ensure they recognize your vehicles and brand when they see them elsewhere. In short, relevant photographs help legitimize your business for Facebook audiences.

3. Add a Relevant CTA Button

Every business page gets to put up a CTA button, and you can select from options such as call us, sign up, or visit our website. Choose a button that you think works best for your target audience and business, but don’t stress too much about it. You can always change your CTA, so it’s better to get one up now and change it later if it’s not working well.

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