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Three Common Buying Motivations for Home Improvement Services

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Posted On: August 3, 2021

Every purchase decision is backed by a complex assortment of buying motivations. How complex they are depends on the type and size of the purchase. Someone buying a taco, for example, may be motivated by hunger, a desire for a tasty treat, and the need to keep lunch within budget. Things get more complicated when someone’s shopping for new windows or other home improvement goods and services.

The Basics of Buyer Motivations

Buyers typically have both rational and emotional motivations for every purchase. Rational motivations are logical and fact-based, often relating to factors such as cost, convenience, level of service, and product features.

Emotional motivations are based on feelings. They involve factors such as fears, affection, desire to keep up with others, pride, and personal preferences.

Your home improvement marketing content must address the common motivations buyers might experience when shopping for your goods or services. Doing so best targets your audience and makes it more likely your content converts browsers to buyers.

Three Common Buyer Motivations for Home Improvement Clients

Do your own research to understand what motivates your particular audience for the best results. But you can start with these common motivations related to home improvement purchases such as new windows or window repair.

  • Economy/value/cost savings. Most homeowners want options that fit in their budgets. Even those shopping luxury home improvement products are likely somewhat concerned with getting the value they pay for. Content that mentions affordability, credit options, and other payment-related concerns may be good. But you can also speak to value-based motivations with content that demonstrates the full range of features and benefits offered by your products.
  • Desire for safety and security. Ensure your content communicates how products support safety and security for homeowners and families. For example, consumers along the Gulf Coast might connect strongly with buying guides that help them pick hurricane-resistant windows, and many homeowners would be interested in content about how you protect their privacy and safety during installations.

Prestige or pride. Homeowners often make upgrades to support the pride they have in their homes, to keep up with the neighbors, or to enhance curb appeal. Consider content that demonstrates how your products can do that—this is often a good place for videos and images.

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