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Is Clubhouse the Next Social Media App for Your Home Improvement Marketing?

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Posted On: June 1, 2021

You might have heard about Clubhouse. It’s an app that lets people host and present in audio chat rooms. Lots of people are flocking to this new social platform, but is it right for your home improvement company?

How Does Clubhouse Work?

Users host audio chats on the platform. They can invite other speakers or co-hosts to join them and even bring audience members on the “stage” to speak. (Stage is completely metaphorical here.)

Audience members can signal that they have a question or comment with a virtual hand raise, and hosts can give them temporary permissions so others on the chat can hear what they’re saying.

Many people enjoy the format because it’s easier to ask questions verbally than to type them into a chat box that scrolls faster than you can read. Businesses may be able to connect with people via audio in ways that aren’t as possible in text or non-interactive video.

The Current Limitations of Clubhouse

However, Clubhouse currently has limitations. First, as of this writing, the app was only available on iOS. There are rumors of expansion to Android platforms, but early adopters are limiting their audience for the time being to Apple users.

Second, Clubhouse is also in a type of beta stage that’s exclusionary. You must be invited by a current Clubhouse user to download and use the app, and users don’t have unlimited invites. So, while the app is gaining popularity quickly, it’s not mainstream as of mid-2021.

Is Clubhouse Right for Your Home Improvement Marketing?

Those limitations don’t automatically keep Clubhouse home improvement marketing from being an option. If you have the time and resources to devote to a new channel, you might test Clubhouse. Consider hosting a talk on a specific home improvement topic people might be interested in, such as when you can DIY your window repairs versus contacting a pro.

Remember to invite people to connect with you or visit your website after the audio chat. Consider setting up a specific landing page to send traffic to so you can see if the conversion rate makes this marketing tool worth the work.

And if you don’t have extra resources? Don’t take them away from mainstream channels that work for you just to test the new kid on the marketing block. In that case, consider waiting for Clubhouse to be more available before you give it a go.

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