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3 Benefits to Planning Home Improvement Social Media Content for the Month

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Posted On: May 11, 2021

The most important part of social media marketing, aside from quality, isn’t when you post, how much you post, or even whether you get likes and shares on every post. It’s that you post consistently.

Consistency breeds trust. It lets people know that you show up when you say you will (obviously important in home improvement!) and that you’re not going to ghost them. But keeping pace with a regular social media marketing schedule can be hard. That’s why home improvement businesses should plan ahead for at least a month.

3 More Reasons to Plan Social Media Posts for an Entire Month

  1. You can see the big picture. Planning a month at a time lets you see the big picture of your social media marketing. You can easily spot trends you may want to encourage or avoid, see if you’re covering all your bases, and ensure variety as well as consistency.

  2. You can create ongoing themes. When you’re proactive with content instead of creating it that week or in the moment, you can string together stronger themes. That lets you lead your audience on a journey to conversion or ensure you post fun, engaging content for certain seasons and holidays.

  3. You don’t need to show up to show up regularly. And the best part about planning ahead for the entire month is that you can schedule your social posts and show up without actually showing up. Marketing is hard work, and having to think about it every day when you’re also running a business and attending to customer needs can burn you out fast. Planning ahead lets you get social media marketing out of the way for your home improvement business so you can concentrate on other things throughout the month.

It’s important to point out that social media marketing, even if you plan ahead, isn’t 100 percent set-it-and-forget-it. Make it a point to log in a few times a week or around 10 minutes daily to like and share other people’s content and respond to comments on yours. This helps show you’re engaged and entice others to be engaged as well.

Tune in next week for a short guide on how to easily plan a month’s worth of social media content for your home improvement business.

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