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Three Tips for Adding Authority to Your Home Improvement Content

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Posted On: February 2, 2021

Authority is a big deal on the internet, which isn’t surprising considering that everyone seems to constantly battle against fake news and questionable content. Google’s pretty transparent about wanting to rank expert, authoritative pages higher than others.

But what makes a page “expert” or “authoritative?” You’ll get different answers from every so-called SEO pro you ask, but the truth comes down to this: Authoritative content is high-quality and fully addresses the intent of the search. It provides valuable information in a way that helps the reader.

We say it a lot: Quality content is king (and thus authoritative). But you can add a few jewels on that crown by putting the following tips into action when creation content.

1. Use Bylines and Authorship
You and your staff are experts on what you do. You can use that expertise to your advantage in blog post marketing. Create author bios for appropriate staff members, including the experience, certifications, and education that make them an authority for specific home improvement topics. Then, when you publish blog posts, do so with an appropriate staff member listed as the author (and link to the bio).

2. Source Authority Stats and Facts
Borrow a little SEO authority from other domains by linking to them. Get statistics and facts from high-authority sites, such as .gov or industry association websites. Include those pieces of information in a relevant and unique way in your content and link back to the source.

3. Include Original Quotes
If you’re talking about a very specific topic, consider reaching out to a known expert to weigh in. You may be able to link to their page or profile, which provides a high-authority link. And the fact that you’re including the thoughts and opinions of other experts may increase the value of your content.

Do you have to do any of these things to create home improvement marketing content that performs well when it comes to SEO? No. But if you can easily do one or more, why wouldn’t you for the potential boost?

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