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What Are Downloads and Should You Use Them for Home Improvement Marketing?

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Posted On: January 26, 2021

Lead generation is notoriously tough. When asked what their top challenge is, most marketers point to lead generation. There’s a reason it’s cheaper to retain a client than acquire a new one!

But you can use one proven marketing tactic to help make lead generation easier for your home improvement business: the free download.

What Is a Lead Generation Download?
It’s a download you offer potential customers so they’ll be more likely to sign up for a marketing newsletter or agree to receive information about your products via email.

The Benefit of Free Downloads
Free downloads let the consumer make a minimal commitment and receive something of value in return. You can then use that connection to begin deeper engagement that pushes the consumer further into your sales funnel.

It might sound like a gamble, but it’s a bet that pays off. Email marketing can generate more than 3800 percent ROI!

How to Create Lead Generation Downloads for Your Home Improvement Company
The quality of your download can make or break that tentative connection. If someone goes through the trouble of signing up only to receive a subpar or useless download, they’re likely to unsubscribe as soon as the first email hits their inbox. They also won’t be coming back to your pages for more information in the future.

Here are some tips for creating lead generation downloads that set a more positive tone.

  • Provide value. It’s an exchange — your download for the user’s email address. Ensure your download contains helpful information, such as tips, research, or step-by-step guides that the user couldn’t easily find for themselves with a 30-second Google search.
  • But not too much value. Don’t give away your product. If you install custom windows, don’t provide a step-by-step guide to doing that job. Instead, provide guides for tasks such as choosing the best windows for a home or decorating new windows.
  • Create different downloads for unique campaigns. Ensure that the download matches the marketing campaign. For example, if your campaign targets first-time homeowners with limited incomes, don’t use a download about luxury window coverings.

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