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Three Ways to Repurpose Home Improvement Marketing Content

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Posted On: January 12, 2021

On average, it takes around two hours to research and write a 500-word blog post. You might need to add more time to the process for editing, image and design, and publication.

If you’re doing home improvement content well, that effort is worth it because the blog post — or landing page, social post, or other type of content — helps generate traffic on page and convert visitors to clients.

But what if we told you that you could get a lot more out of that content without a huge amount of extra effort? Here are three ways to repurpose home improvement marketing content to get the biggest ROI for your efforts.

1. Gather shorter content to create long-form content.
If you’ve already invested time or money on a dozen blog posts, why spend even more time coming up with completely different content for a lead-generating eBook or download?

Instead, you can group existing blog posts by topic. With a little work to organize it, remove redundancy, and write transitions to bring all that information together, you might have an eBook or helpful how-to download for potential customers. Try to add some extra information that can’t be found in your blog posts for even more value to the reader.

It can take weeks to get high-quality long-form content created. But if you start with quality content you already have, the finished project is only days (or even hours) away.

2. Turn long-form content into shorter pieces.
You can also start with long-form content such as an eBook and easily break it into smaller posts. Pull out the main idea and talking points from a couple of chapters for a series of blog posts, and cull facts and tips for social media.

Just be sure that you don’t cannibalize the entire thing. If you’re using long-form content as a lead generation device, there has to be value or information in it people can’t get on your blog or social media profiles. That way, they’re more likely to exchange their email address for the content.

3. Convert from one media to another.
People learn and engage with content best in unique ways. Some people prefer video; others want to read everything for themselves. One section of your audience might spend most of their digital time on social media while others are better served by emails or on-page content.

Because of this disparity, you can serve the same content up in various formats without duplicating it for your entire audience. Create short explainer video scripts from your blog posts, and pull facts from all your content to create image-heavy infographics that people are likely to share.

Repurposing your content lets you reach more people and stay fresh on social and SERPs without doing the same work over and over.

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