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Evergreen Home Improvement Marketing: What It Is and How to Do It

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Posted On: January 5, 2021

Evergreen marketing content can drive conversions over the long term and with less work for you. But there’s a difference between evergreen and irrelevant, and finding that line is critical for the success of your home improvement marketing copy.

What Is Evergreen Content?
Evergreen content is sustainable and relevant over long periods of time. It means the blog post you publish today will still be helpful to readers who come to your site a year or two down the road.

One benefit of evergreen content is that it lets you work smarter instead of harder. If much of the content you create works in the future, you don’t have to constantly create new content to remain relevant. Even more important, quality evergreen content can remain a strong choice for certain keywords, ensuring your site continues to show up well in SERPs.

The Importance of Relevance
That doesn’t mean that your home improvement marketing should avoid specifics and cover general topics all the time. That reduces the relevance of your pages for searcher needs and keywords, which hurts your SEO. It also leaves site visitors wanting, which might make it difficult to convince them you’re the expert that they need for window décor, repair, or installation needs.

A Few Tips for Creating Evergreen Home Improvement Content
So how do you make content evergreen while addressing the specifics that potential customers might be seeking? The trick is that not every sentence you publish needs to be evergreen.

  • Start with topics that are always necessary. Window types, how to measure windows, window cleaning tips, and how to increase efficiency of the home with the right windows are all topics that are unlikely to change a great deal in the next year or two.
  • Pepper in seasonal topics. Christmas window decor, preparing windows for summer or winter seasons, and current updates to window technology are examples of content that might be more relevant at certain times of the year than others.
  • Regularly update older content to keep it evergreen and relevant. Conduct a content audit annually to find those seasonal or less-evergreen pages and posts. Update them with the most recent information. As long as you created the content with this purpose in mind, you won’t have to rewrite the entire thing. You might only have to swap out some dates, stats, and a couple of references.

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