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Three Reasons to Include Holidays in Home Improvement Marketing

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Posted On: December 8, 2020

Let’s talk about holiday marketing for your home improvement company for a minute. It’s certainly seasonal, given the major holidays this month. But we actually want to talk holidays in general and whether you should include them in your marketing strategy.

What Do We Mean by Including Holidays in Marketing?
When you say holiday marketing, most people are going to think of retail and the holiday shopping season. But we’re not talking Columbus Day and Black Friday sales here. We’re talking about including holiday content in your marketing around various seasonal themes.

Potential Downsides
Two common downsides exist when you put holiday themes in your marketing. The first is that your content isn’t as evergreen. Content built around Christmas or Easter only works one time a year.

Another downside is that mentioning certain holidays could be divisive, depending on your target market. Christmas, Halloween, and even the Fourth of July aren’t agreed-upon topics in today’s culture, so you want to ensure you mention holidays in a way that works with your audience.

Three Reasons to Include Holidays in Marketing Content
Even given the downsides, including seasonally themed content in your marketing can be beneficial. Here are three reasons to do so:

  1. It humanizes your business. Making a social post that wishes people a happy holiday allows your business to join in on the whimsy of a holiday with a like-minded audience and highlights the fact that there are people behind your logo. It also increases authenticity, which can increase conversions.
  2. It provides value to the audience. Your audience might be looking for new ways to decorate windows and doors for a holiday, or they might be wondering what the best deals on home improvement are in a certain season. Creating relevant, timely content provides value, increasing engagement, shares, and the likelihood consumers will return to you when they are ready to make a purchase.
  3. It resonates with the emotional context of the moment. Many people are emotionally tied to certain seasons and events and joining in that mood can help them engage more fully with your content and products.

Should you include holiday content in your home improvement marketing? Only you know what your audience might like. And if you don’t? Consider testing it with carefully planned and tactful holiday content.

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