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Should You Add Automation to Your Home Improvement Marketing Strategy?

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Posted On: December 1, 2020

Around 75% of all businesses use marketing automation. Should you? Get the facts about this tool below so you can decide for yourself.

What Is Home Improvement Marketing Automation?
Marketing automation refers to the process of using machines, computers, and software programs to automate parts of your marketing process.

It sounds complex, but you probably already use some automation. Here’s an example: You have a newsletter that homeowners can sign up for. When they sign up, they automatically receive a welcome email that thanks them and asks to confirm their subscription. After that, they receive all newsletters you send unless they unsubscribe.

That’s an automated process.

What Marketing Automation Is Not
Marketing automation does not mean turning over all your processes to some robotic artificial intelligence. And it doesn’t mean taking humanity out of your processes.

When done correctly, automated marketing can actually feel more human. That’s because you’re using computers to handle tedious administrative and data tasks, leaving the people in charge of your marketing (whether in-house, freelance contractors, or an agency) to handle the people-facing and creative stuff.

Marketing Automation Statistics
In 2019, around 63% of marketers planned on spending more on automation in the coming years. And of the 25% of businesses not using automation, close to half planned on adopting it.

Why are so many businesses jumping on the marketing automation bandwagon? Here are some of the top goals businesses hope to achieve with this technology:

  • About 60% want to increase leads
  • Close to 60% also want to better nurture leads
  • Approximately half want to increase sales revenue
  • A third want to improve customer experience and engagement
  • About 30% believe automation will lead to greater ROI and cost savings via improved productivity and efficiency

If automation sounds promising, you can start small with your home improvement marketing efforts. Implement a chatbot on your website, add more automation to your email marketing, or use machine bidding when you place pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

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