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Using Gratitude Marketing to Engage Your Home Improvement Audience

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Posted On: November 24, 2020

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, which means family gatherings—when they can be done safely, of course—and lots of good food for many people.

Whether you’re a turkey-and-dressing traditionalist or enjoy getting more adventurous with holiday fare, the reason for the festivities is rooted in the same thing. The holiday is supposed to be about being thankful and showing gratitude for the good things in our lives.

Does your gratitude extend to your clientele? From a purely business perspective, it should. The people who pay for your goods and services make it possible for you to run your home improvement business—and might have made it possible for you to sit down to the turkey dinner this year.

Appreciation isn’t just a good marketing topic for Thanksgiving. Find out below how to include gratitude marketing in your strategy all year.

What Is Gratitude Marketing?
Gratitude marketing simply refers to marketing that makes it a point to show appreciation for clients. It’s personal and helps you create engaging, authentic connections with loyal customers, and that can improve the way other people view your brand.

Why Is Gratitude Important in Marketing?
When your clients know you value them, they can trust more that you’re doing everything you can to meet their needs. That makes it more likely customers will remain loyal to your business, contacting you again in the future for services.

But showing your appreciation publicly in marketing also lets potential clientele know what kind of business you are. If you appreciate and care for the customers you already have, you’re likely to offer new clients the same benefits. That differentiator can help you stand out in your field and increase your conversion rate.

Tips for Home Improvement Gratitude Marketing
This is one of the easiest marketing tips to put into action, because you simply need to be sincerely grateful for your clients and say so. Some ways you can do so include:

  • Posting regular messages of gratitude on social media pages: Put it in your editorial calendar monthly to remind yourself or your staff to say thanks.
  • Creating thank-you pages on your website that show up when someone signs up, makes a referral, or places an order.
  • Providing a promotion code or other offer for existing customers: Let them know you appreciate their business and want to do something especially for them.
  • Asking people for feedback: Nothing says you appreciate your clients more than valuing what they have to say.

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