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Three Reasons Your Home Improvement Company Needs an Email Marketing Newsletter

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Posted On: August 25, 2020

Email marketing is inexpensive, and it can drive spectacular ROI. On average, businesses report returns of around $42 for every dollar spent. And while there are many types of email marketing, the newsletter is one that home improvement businesses shouldn’t overlook.

Here are three reasons to consider adding a monthly email newsletter to your home improvement marketing toolbox:

1. Demonstrate Your Expertise
A regular newsletter isn’t a place to spam people with your products. Yes, you should absolutely include appropriate buy links—after all, the point of marketing is to sell. But the bulk of your newsletter content should demonstrate your expertise and authority so people feel comfortable calling on you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Some examples of content to include:

  • Links to basic how-to content on your site
  • Product comparisons
  • Fun or helpful seasonal tips

2. Stay Relevant for Existing Clients
Newsletters help you stay relevant for clients you’ve worked with in the past. Ask if you can sign them up for your newsletter so they continue to connect with you long after the invoice is paid. You know that home improvement and maintenance never ends, and a newsletter makes it more likely those clients turn to you again in the future or remember to recommend you to their friends and family.

3. Drive Long-Game Lead Conversion
Newsletters let you capture leads and hang on to them for a better chance at conversion. Many times, home improvement purchases such as new windows or even window coverings come with long buying journeys. Someone may dally in the consideration stage for months after indicating interest on your website, and good newsletter content reminds them consistently that you’re waiting and ready to handle their needs.

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