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Three Mistakes You Might Be Making With Local Home Improvement Marketing

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Posted On: August 18, 2020

If someone knows about your business or services, chances are they found that information online. More than 95 percent of people find out more about businesses online than via any other method.

Couple that fact with this one: More than half of all Google searches have local intent. That means people are trying to find out about local goods, services, and businesses. You can see why local online marketing is critical for home improvement business success.

But if you’re making one or more of these three common local online marketing mistakes, you might be limiting how many people can find you online.

1. Not Making NAP Data Consistent
NAP data refers to your business name, address, and phone number. Ensure you present this information consistently across your website and wherever your business is listed. Double-check NAP data on your Google My Business page, Facebook profile, and any other page you control. Make sure it’s accurate and written the same way each time.

2. Forcing Local Keywords Without Relevance
You can’t shove keywords such as “window decor Lafayette” or “window installation San Antonio” into content and call it a day. That’s a good start, but that’s the bare minimum you can do to create locally relevant website content.

Make your pages truly local by tackling topics and concerns unique to people in your area, such as weather concerns that might alter the way homeowners handle window issues. When it’s possible to do so naturally, consider mentioning local events, landmarks, or other items of interest to make your pages more authentically local.

3. Ignoring Local Connections
Links from local pages with authority, including news channels, chambers of commerce, or other organizations, can help increase the authority of your page. They can also signal to visitors and the search engine that your business is relevant to the location in question. Foster these types of links by being involved in your community, publishing helpful content that encourages others to share it, and ensuring your business is listed with chambers of commerce and other entities.

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