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What Good Is LinkedIn for Home Improvement Online Marketing?

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Posted On: July 21, 2020

Social media is a powerful channel for home improvement marketing in part because so many people use it. More than 90% of millennials are on social media regularly, and three out of four Gen Xers can say the same. Even Baby Boomers are well represented, with close to half identifying as active social media users.

But when you’re planning home improvement marketing efforts, it can be difficult to decide which social platforms you should include. Facebook is an obvious choice for many, and Instagram can also provide good ROI. But what about other platforms, such as LinkedIn?

The Role of LinkedIn in Marketing
Generally, LinkedIn is considered a business-to-business marketing platform. Outside of looking for employees or employment opportunities, the big draw of LinkedIn is that you can connect with likeminded professionals.

For home improvement businesses, that can mean networking with business partners, scoping out the competition or getting involved in industry discussions and events. Those are all potentially valuable endeavors, but they aren’t efforts that draw consumers or help convert them to become clients.

Why Should You Care About LinkedIn for Consumer Marketing?
When your leadership staff is on LinkedIn, it can help boost the perception that your firm is an authority in the niche. If consumers check up on a window installation business online and find that the owner-operator has a LinkedIn profile that documents 30 years of experience, that can help inspire confidence and trust.

Not all consumers will take online research this far or even know how to find you on LinkedIn, so you typically don’t need to put a great deal of time into managing LinkedIn for this purpose. But creating a free profile with enough meat to support your expertise is easy, so why wouldn’t you?

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