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Three Ways to Turn Home Improvement Online Reviews Into Content

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Posted On: July 14, 2020

More than 90% of consumers trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations, but something like 75% are wary of advertising messages. Home improvement companies that can work review content into their online marketing can help boost the credibility of their message and inspire more trust in consumers.

That trust can be the push that sends a browsing consumer over the conversion edge to become a client.

Here are three ways you can turn home improvement online reviews into marketing content:

1. Include Review Snippets in Your Videos
When you mention your products or services in a video, tie them to review quotes occasionally. You can read the quotes in a “Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Sue from Dallas has to say” manner, or you can edit the video to have short review snippets appear on the screen at opportune times.

2. Use Quotes From Reviews in Written Content
Your online reviews are testimonials, so consider using them as such on your website and social media pages and in email marketing messages. Include supporting quotes from reviews that backup what you’re saying about your goods or services, or create visually pleasing call-out graphics with review quotes to break up copy or share on social.

3. Screen Shot Reviews and Share Them
You don’t have to get fancy, though. If someone leaves a stellar review for your home improvement firm, screen shot all or part of it and share it on social. Extra points if you respond to the reviewer when doing so with a message such as “Thanks, Jacob, we’re so happy you love your new windows. That’s the kind of home improvement we’re here to provide!”

But remember that in sharing your home improvement online reviews, you’re attempting to build trust and authority. So don’t do anything that could mitigate that effort, such as taking reviews unfairly out of context or editing them to change what the person said. And always read the fine print in review site terms of service to ensure you can legally quote the copy.

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