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Three Things to Include in Home Improvement Online Ads

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Posted On: July 7, 2020

Ad clicks are valuable. They’re around 50% more likely to convert than clicks on organic links are. But to get that potential ROI, your ad must be enticing enough to get the click.

Here are three things to include in every online ad to help drive more click-through—whether you’re creating simple text ads for the search engines or more elaborate display or video advertisements.

1. Value Proposition Hint
You don’t have to explain it in full, but your ad should hint at a unique value proposition that sets your business, service or product apart from the field. This is why someone should click your ad. Examples of value propositions can include:

• Lower prices
• Quality or custom service
• More options
• Faster service
• More comprehensive service
• Locally owned or a history in the neighborhood

Consider what need or problem the consumer is trying to solve when searching for these services or products and how you can position your value proposition hint to demonstrate that you’re a possible answer.

2. A Call to Action

The call to action can be implied or stated outright, but make sure it’s clear what the consumer should do if they want to find out more after seeing your advertisement.

In a text ad in search results, the CTA is clear: You want them to click. But in an Instagram ad, you might need to remind them to swipe up, and if you want them to call or visit your location after viewing any type of ad, make sure to invite them to do so.

3. Keywords or Relevance to Keywords
You don’t always need to include keywords specifically in your ad copy, but you do need to understand how keywords relate to your ads. When you’re using targeting software—especially for search ads—you’re programming your ads to show up for certain users who enter specific keywords.

If your ads aren’t relevant to the intent of those searchers, they’re likely to ignore your ad, which means you’re just wasting marketing spend.

Your home improvement ads should contain truth, creativity, and compelling copy. Starting with the three basics above can help you create ad campaigns that are more likely to get the click.

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