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Why This Media Format Is a Must for Your Home Improvement Website

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Posted On: June 9, 2020

Want marketing content that gets shared a whopping 1200% more than text or even images? Then you need to invest in video home improvement marketing.

Video Performs Better On Almost All Channels
That 1200% figure is for social media. When you share videos via social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, people are much more likely to share with others. But the effect is true on landing pages too; those with video experience an average increase in conversions of about 80%.

Videos Engage More People’s Communication and Learning Types
More people are visual and/or auditory learners than verbal (reading) learners. That simply means that more people are likely to engage better with and remember messaging more when it’s presented in a format that has audio and visual components — such as a video.

That doesn’t mean all your content has to be in video format. Roughly 22% of men and 38% of women are verbal learners that engage better with text, and other learners can still get information from your blog posts. But incorporating video gives them another option, can keep them on page longer, and may be the difference between a disinterested browse of your content and a conversion.

What Kind of Videos Perform Well?
Videos that evoke emotions, including amusement or even anxiety, are more likely to be shared than those that are neutral. Limor Shifman, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, analyzed a bunch of YouTube videos to find out what made some of them more powerful messaging than others. The result was a list of common factors for videos that draw attention and promote shares, comments, and likes. They include:

  1. Focus on ordinary people
  2. Humor
  3. Simplicity of design and information
  4. Repetition
  5. Whimsy or a lack of hard themes such as politics or religion

Incorporate Winning Videos Into Home Improvement Marketing

You don’t need a big budget to make video content. Many businesses create Instagram and Facebook videos with their smartphones, and you can make quality YouTube videos with some basic equipment and a mobile device or inexpensive digital camera.

What you do need is a message that resonates with your audience. Make it simple and about them, and mostly keep hard themes out of it (unless that’s what your brand is about). Consider showing off your products, providing how-to home improvement video content, or making cute promotional videos that put smiles on the faces of your social followers.

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