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Three Ideas for Incorporating Quizzes Into Home Improvement Content Marketing

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Posted On: June 16, 2020

Passive content—that is, one-way information that you put out for your audience without an expectation of interaction—converts moderately or very well only about 36% of the time. Interactive content, such as quizzes, calculators, or assessments, performs at that level 70% of the time.

What does that mean for home improvement businesses? If you can figure out how to incorporate quizzes into your home improvement content marketing efforts effectively, it might mean more traffic, engagement, and revenue.

Here are three ideas for using quizzes in your content.

1. Create Product Match Quizzes
Assessments and calculators get a lot of engagement because they’re easy to use and provide people with practical recommendations or knowledge. Home improvement businesses might consider:

  • A quiz that asks questions about preferences, space, and needs and recommends a style of window covering
  • Assessments that let people choose between various images of products or designs to narrow down what type of pattern or color they might like
  • Calculators that help people easily determine what products might fit their doors or windows

2. Publish Educational Quizzes
Educational quizzes are like short tests, but without the pressure of making the grade. They let consumers measure their knowledge about your industry, products, or related topics, and then offer some additional answers or insight so that people come away knowing more than when they started.

These types of quizzes are great marketing tools for two reasons:

  • People often share, whether they perform poorly or well, just to see how they score compared to their friends
  • Educational quizzes offer a wide-open door for a CTA that invites the reader to check out more information on your site or contact your business for assistance

3. Post Fun and Goofy Quizzes to Capture Attention
Silly quizzes are almost completely about social shares and brand awareness. They don’t tend to offer a lot of information, though you can slip some education or images of your products in if you’re clever.

For example, a home improvement business might post a quiz titled “Which Harry Potter Character Are You Based on Your Window Decor Preferences?” The quiz could be filled with the business’s own products.

Ultimately, quizzes are about driving engagement and interaction. Try out a few types of quizzes to find what works for you and your audience, and then consider making them a regular rotation in your home improvement content marketing calendar.

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