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Evolving Home Improvement Marketing Keywords: Why They Change and How to Keep Up

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Posted On: June 2, 2020

You spend time on your keyword research before launching home improvement marketing or ad campaigns (and if you don’t, that’s another blog post entirely). But did you know keyword work is never complete?

Keyword trends change over time in part because they’re generated by groups of people. Google has a lot of power in the search game, but it doesn’t set the tone for what people are searching for. That comes directly from the audiences, who type and speak queries into the search engines.

And home improvement pros likely already know that the goods and services people are looking for today are different from those consumers wanted just five years ago. How people talk about those things is different, too, and that influences keyword trends.

Some Ways Home Improvement Keyword Trends Might Change
Obviously, keyword trends will change as home improvement trends do. The types of window treatments that are most popular this season are likely to be those that more people are searching for.

Keyword trends also change due to evolutions in technology. Historically, people only used computers to access search engines. Then mobile outpaced desktop as the way most people access internet, and people use slightly different keywords when searching via mobile devices.

Today, voice has become a huge search contender, with increasing numbers of people asking Siri or Alexa to find them information. How people speak to their voice assistant is different from how they type into any device.

Finally, keyword trends can change quickly because of a fad or cultural shift—typically related to news cycles. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, marketing keywords shifted heavily to related topics, even in industries that weren’t health care.

That’s due in part to people hitting the search engines to find out information such as whether window repair or other home improvement services were available during shutdowns.

How to Keep Up With Changing Keywords

  1. Do regular keyword research to find out if your existing content is still answering searcher intent and to inform future content.
  2. Ask yourself if current keyword trends are relevant to your business goals and whether you should address them. Not everyone needed to rush out coronavirus-related home improvement content, for example, but some businesses might have deemed it relevant to their audience.
  3. Create quality content and advertising campaigns around the best keywords for your business and consumers.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for as long as you have an online marketing presence to stay relevant and ensure strong SEO.

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