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Declare Independence From This Hold on Your Home Improvement Marketing

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Posted On: June 30, 2020

About 40% of marketing experts believe the area where most businesses under-invest is content quality and relevance. In contrast, more than 35% believe that firms are over-investing in keywords.

Logically, you would think if you’re spending enough to get good keyword research, your home improvement content marketing is going to be relevant. But that’s not true—especially if you’re quartering bad quality habits in your marketing processes.

Take a minute to consider whether you’re engaging in any of the bad quality habits below and learn how to declare independence from them.

Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing occurs when you shove the same keywords repeatedly into content. It looks like this:

“Window repairs help your home look good, and window repairs can help reduce your energy costs. Call us for window repair options or to schedule your window repair today.”

It’s hard (and unenjoyable) to read, and it doesn’t offer the reader any value. Consumers don’t care for it, and neither does Google.

Most quality content isn’t about keyword density (that’s how many times you get the key phrase in). It’s about placing a few keywords strategically in the content, such as in titles and subheadings, first paragraphs, and meta tags.

Keyword Slapping
Keyword slapping occurs when you slap the keywords in the right places and use them an appropriate number of times, but your content isn’t relevant to the intent of the search.

Someone searching window repairs is probably looking for information about how to do a repair or service providers they can call for a repair. Slapping window repairs as a keyword in your blog post on window decor products does no one any good. Anyone who does click on your link is likely to bounce immediately because your content doesn’t answer their query.

Fast-and-Furious Content Generation
Not all quality issues are keyword related. Some come from a haste to publish. You might fall into the trap of thinking you have to update your website every day, but this isn’t true. It’s much better to invest in high-quality content that serves your audience and positions you well in the search engines than to throw up haphazard blog posts every morning.

If you’re struggling to create high-quality content for home improvement marketing, reach out to the experts at Ring Ring Marketing. We can help.

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