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Home Improvement Display Advertising: Pros, Cons, and Why You Probably Still Need It

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Posted On: May 26, 2020

Display ads can reach a lot of people (Google says its display ad network reaches 90 percent of internet users!). But is it worth your home improvement marketing money to invest in this type of advertising?

What Is Home Improvement Display Advertising?

Home improvement display advertising refers to the act of using display ads to market your goods or services. Display ads are sometimes called “banner ads” because they used to appear exclusively at the top or bottom of a website as a banner. Today, they can also appear in sidebars, interspersed within content, in emails, or in mobile apps.

The Benefit of Display Ads for Home Improvement Companies
One of the biggest benefits of display ads for home improvement companies is that they’re well-suited for retargeting.

Retargeting occurs when someone shows interest in your services by searching for them online or visiting your website. However, they don’t make a purchase at that time. You can program your display ads to remarket your products and services to those people, causing your ads to display on sites as the consumers travel across the web.

The goals of retargeting are to remind the consumer of your services and to keep your business fresh in their minds as they move through the buying journey.

Cons of Display Ads for Home Improvement Companies
The biggest disadvantage of display ads is that they can often be thwarted by pop-up and ad blockers. These reduce the number of advertisements a person sees as they browse online.

And while display ads can be targeted, they aren’t always as flexible as other PPC ads (such as search and text ads).

Why Should You Use Display Ads?
Even given the disadvantages, almost 85 percent of digital marketers still use display ads. Home improvement companies shouldn’t rely solely on display ads (you should never put all your eggs in any marketing basket), but the ability to retarget consumers with compelling ads that include images and photos can help you get your message out to the right people.

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