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Five Metrics You Must Know About Your Home Improvement Marketing Efforts

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Posted On: April 21, 2020

As the owner of a home improvement business, you’re surely familiar with the adage about measuring twice and cutting once. But did you know that measurements are also important in home improvement marketing?

Metrics tell a story about your marketing performance. A look at a few numbers can help you understand whether you’re wasting money on certain marketing efforts or reaping a decent return on others. That lets you plan intelligently to get the most out of every dollar you spend trying to connect with potential clients online.

Here are just five home improvement marketing metrics you should watch.

1. Page Views
What it is: How many times pages on your site are viewed. You can see total page views or the count for individual pages.

What it can tell you: Whether your SEO or ad efforts are driving traffic on your site. Views for specific pages help you understand if certain content is performing well or if you may need to make changes to a page.

2. Unique Visitors
What it is: How many people visited your site.

What it can tell you: If one person keeps coming back to your site and clicking through pages, that can drive up your page views without indicating that you’re getting good exposure to your audience. A large number of unique visitors means more people are seeing and responding to your off-page messaging.

3. Time on Page or Site
What it is: How much time someone spent on your page or site during a single session. A session is a visit; typically, if someone clicks off the site and comes back much later, it counts as a new session.

What it can tell you: Low time on site or page indicates that your content isn’t engaging enough or that your landing page didn’t drive someone to click through to find out more.

4. Bounce Rates
What it is: The rate at which people arrive at your site and click away almost immediately. They don’t stay on page to read all your content or click on any of your links.

What it can tell you: High bounce rates can indicate a wide range of things. Your site might not be loading fast enough, causing impatient visitors to click away. Other issues could be that your content is low quality, your SEO is driving irrelevant traffic, or your site design is unpleasant.

5. Conversion Rates
What it is: How many people follow through with your call to action, such as signing up to learn more, calling for an appointment, or making a purchase.

What it can tell you: Low conversion rates indicate your content is not doing its job or that you’re driving the wrong traffic to your site.

Not sure how to gather and understand all these metrics? No worries—Ring Ring Marketing can help!

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