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Video and PPC: An Ideal Match for Home Improvement Advertising?

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Posted On: March 31, 2020

When asked what type of content provides maximum ROI, more than half of all marketing professionals say it’s video.

Video content marketing is definitely something that should be on your radar as a home improvement company, but this post concentrates on a related subject: video advertising

How Powerful Is Video Advertising?
Consider these statistics:

  • More than 45 percent of people take action after they see a video ad.
  • More than 70 percent of consumers prefer learning about products via video.
  • Around 90 percent of shoppers say they first discovered a product or service on YouTube.

Video Advertising Using PPC Principles
PPC stands for “pay per click,” which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. It’s a great way to manage home improvement advertising costs, because you don’t have to shell out every time your ad shows up. That puts the onus on the advertising platform to do its best, using the parameters you set, to match your ad to the right people.

It’s possible to get this same cost management with video ads. It might be through an actual PPC campaign, where you only pay for click-throughs. More commonly, you may only pay when people watch a significant portion of your message.

On YouTube, for example, it’s common for ads to give someone the ability to skip through after five seconds. In this case, you might only pay if the person watched more than five seconds of your ad.

Quick Tip for Home Improvement PPC Video Ads
Don’t create online video ads the same way you would television commercials. You only have a few seconds to capture the user’s attention to ensure they keep watching and target the users most likely to become clients. (You don’t want to pay for people to watch your ad if they aren’t likely to be interested in your offer.)

Maximize the value of these types of video ads by ensuring the first five seconds of your ad are as relevant to your target audience as possible. Then use the rest of the video to persuade those people to click.

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