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Three Subject Line Tips to Increase Open Rates for Home Improvement Email Marketing

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Posted On: February 18, 2020

Is your home improvement email marketing falling short of stellar ROI? Email marketing generates an average $32 in revenue for every dollar spent on it, and if you’re not seeing returns, it might be because your subject lines are sour.

Try some of these tips to revitalize your open rates and generate more click-through and conversion.

1. Personalize the Subject Line
It’s a Netflix queue culture, and people expect some level of personalization. They’re used to all their entertainment options lining up for them, so the least you can do when you send an email is put the right name on it.

Plus, there’s something eye-catching about seeing your own name in the clutter of your email inbox that can make someone pause and click to open a message.

2. Use the Right Words
Words aren’t all equal, especially in home improvement marketing email subject lines. Some phrases that tend to drive higher open rates include:

  • New
  • Exclusive
  • Limited time
  • On sale now
  • % off
  • 24-hour
  • Upgrade
  • Freebie

Words that hint at special offers or urgency tend to be most powerful.

3. Don’t Give the Message Away Fully
Since not every email you send has a special offer in it, you can create higher click-through with curiosity. Hint at the message inside, but don’t spell it out completely. The key is to write a subject line that catches the eye and promises something good inside but makes the person click to find out more.

And if you or your staff isn’t able to wield words to drive email marketing ROI, don’t worry. You can always hire pros to get the job done for you.

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