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Three Ways You Can Use Infographics in Your Home Improvement Marketing

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Posted On: January 7, 2020

Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but what if you could combine the power of both. Pictures with carefully curated words have to be worth a lot more, right?

The answer is yes, and you’re probably already familiar with a home improvement marketing tool that does this. It’s the infographic.

Do Infographics Still Work?
With so many people using infographics in their content, you might think this format has come and gone as a fad. But the truth is infographics still work well because they’re timeless tools that combine some hard-hitting marketing strategies.

  • Images: When information is conveyed via or alongside images, people engage more closely with them. Eye-tracking studies have shown that internet users spend more time viewing areas of a page that contain this type of content.
  • Step-by-steps: “Know searches,” which occur when someone wants to learn something or find out how to do something, are very popular. And since people learn and perform a new task more than 300 percent better when instructions include images, infographics are an ideal way to cater to these “how to” searchers.
  • SEO: Infographics can increase the traffic on a page by as much as 12 percent.

Three Ways to Incorporate Infographics into Home Improvement Marketing

1. Product comparisons: Stack two or three products side by side on an image-heavy matrix that gives someone a quick rundown of the features, benefits, and pros/cons of each. Image-based comparisons help people in the last leg of a buying journey make a final decision, so they can be a great soft CTA for your own products.
2. How-to steps: Provide infographic guides for how to install, use, clean, or make the most of your products. If you install or repair windows, consider content adjacent to your services, such as steps for decorating a newly installed window with curtains.
3. Decision trees: At earlier points in the buying journey, people may not know exactly what product or service they need. Use decision tress and flow charts on infographics to guide them through the process of deciding.

One of the great things about infographics is that they’re so flexible. You can be as creative as you like and repurposes content you already have into images. Then you can use that powerful content on your pages and social profiles.

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