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How to Use the Storytelling Power of Instagram for Home Improvement Advertising

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Posted On: January 21, 2020

If you’re not on Instagram, maybe you should be. Find out how to put this dynamic, growing platform to work in your home improvement marketing strategy.

As of 2019, Instagram boasted more than 110 million users in the United States. It’s the second-most downloaded app and a favorite social media platform for those age 18 to 34.

It’s also an extremely engaging platform. Posts on Instagram have average engagement rates that are 15 times greater than posts on Facebook. One of the best ways for home improvement companies to get the most out of organic Instagram marketing is by telling stories to help ensure those high engagement rates.

1. Tell stories about your products and services.
Don’t just post pictures of your products. Instead, create a narrative that helps people see how your products would make life better or their home more beautiful.

You might post before and after pictures to show how much of a difference your window decor makes or keep followers informed of progress on your latest installation job. Make sure to follow up when people comment so you can keep the story going.

2. Tell stories about your company and self.
People like to buy goods and services from other people. Highlight the human element of your home improvement company on Instagram.

While you probably want to keep things professional, you can still share exciting things—especially if they’re relevant to your company. Use your stories to chronical your attendance at an industry conference, for example, complete with some fun commentary about your time at the airport or fun foods you got to try while traveling.

If you have staff members who aren’t opposed to it, highlight them on your profile. You could share one employee picture a month and tell people about their expertise and talents.

3. Engage with and encourage other people’s stories.
Community is huge on Instagram, so it’s not always enough to share engaging, quality content. Make sure you’re interacting with other people too.

Simply liking other posts can help boost reciprocal engagement, but commenting on posts or sharing relevant posts to your stories is even better for networking (which helps expand your exposure on the platform).

Like any other online marketing tool, Instagram doesn’t do much on its own. But when it’s part of a well-executed professional marketing plan, it can provide some excellent benefits for home improvement companies.

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