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The Inverted Pyramid Helps You Capture and Keep Reader Attention

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Posted On: December 17, 2019

Learning to use the inverted pyramid helps you create powerful home improvement marketing content that converts.

This format is designed to capture reader attention and provide the most important information quickly, even if someone can’t read the entire story (or page). That increases your chances of engaging with the audience, which boosts the potential for making a sale.

The inverted pyramid for content writing works similarly to how it works for journalism. You begin with a lead (also sometimes spelled lede) or “hook.” This is the most important or attention-grabbing point.

The purpose of the lead is to grab the reader’s attention immediately and make them a promise about the content below—is the content worth reading because it’s funny or interesting, because it contains critical information or because it helps the reader? Hint at that in the lead to entice the person to keep reading.

For example, if you’re posting about the fact that a certain type of window (or window treatment) reduces cold-weather heating costs by up to 50 percent for homeowners, that’s the lead.

Don’t “bury the lead,” as they say, with an introduction to what these windows are made of or how to tell it’s time to buy new windows. (You can use those details to add content later in the post.)

SEO tip: Double down on the value of this first bit of content by working a primary keyword into your lead if at all possible. But don’t let keyword use trump readability or engagement.

After the lead, cover the details. When possible, put the more important or bigger picture details first and follow up with smaller contextual details in the rest of your post or article. One way to do this is to include a short bulleted summary of post highlights or takeaways at the beginning of your post before going into more detail below.

Remember that online content often performs best when you integrate various forms of media and formats that support “scannability.” After establishing your lead, don’t be afraid to break the rest into sections with subheadings, bulleted lists, Q&As or even videos or infographics.

The inverted pyramid is a simple format that can power up your home improvement content marketing efforts. Try integrating it into your next posts to see if it works for you.

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