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The Powerful Benefits of Replying to Negative Online Reviews

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Posted On: November 19, 2019

Replying to negative online reviews can be a critical home improvement marketing step. Power exists in putting a positive spin on challenging situations. So much power, in fact, that you may get a bigger revenue boost from responding to negative reviews than you would if all your reviews were stellar.

Yet nearly two-thirds of all small businesses don’t even bother responding to their reviews. Check out some reasons you should pick up this important home improvement marketing habit:

  • Responding lets you clear the air and tell your side of the story. Even if the negative feedback is legitimate, your response positions your business as a compassionate and reasonable company, which can resonate with potential clients.
  • Stats indicate that replying to at least a quarter of your online reviews can boost your future revenue by as much as 35 percent. And the nature of your reviews doesn’t seem to matter; companies with up to 50 percent negative reviews report revenues on par with their average counterparts.
  • A thoughtful response can demonstrate that you took the complaint seriously and did something to keep the problem from happening again, which can help increase consumer confidence.
  • Responding to reviews in a practical, professional manner sets a good precedent for your company within the review structure. That can increase your chances of having fake reviews addressed or removed by the review site.

However, while you’re in there responding to negative reviews, don’t forget to engage with a few positive reviews as well. Thank clients for their praise and let them know how happy you are to serve. Taking a balanced approach to your responses shows you appreciate all your customers and that the squeaky wheels aren’t the only ones getting your attention.

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