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Concrete & Consistent: Two Pillars of Home Improvement Content Marketing

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Posted On: November 12, 2019

When someone contacts your home improvement company, they do so in part because they feel they can rely on you. Inconsistent performance—such as showing up late for jobs or not providing high quality work for each task—is bad for business. So are vague promises or estimates that don’t match the final outcome of a project.

As a home improvement or décor business, you already know these things. But did you know the same rules apply to your content marketing?

Why Concrete Words Are Critical to Home Improvement Content Marketing
Concrete words describe specific things in a way that lets the reader visualize them. Instead of saying a certain type of door “adds visual interest to your entryway,” for example, you might talk about how dark hues and thick wood create feelings of stability and confidence or how frosted glass windows protect privacy while supporting an inviting aesthetic.

Taking the time to pepper your content with concrete (rather than abstract) verbiage lets you:

  • Better communicate the features of your services and products and ensure readers imagine themselves benefiting from those things
  • Create a visual that sticks with the consumer and makes it more likely they’ll return to make a purchase
  • Position your products in the most positive way by illustrating how they solve specific challenges or needs

The Value of Consistency in Content Marketing
The most clever, concrete writing does little good if you only engage in it once a year. Consistency is the cornerstone of building a strong home improvement marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  • Regularly updating your site and posting new content keeps you fresh in SERPs. It also lets you create content designed for the SEO needs of the moment.
  • Consistency demonstrates reliability. If a homeowner can’t trust you to keep up your twice-weekly Instagram posting, how can they trust you to show up on time and complete work to their abode?
  • A constant stream of posts provides new reasons for potential clients to come back to your site—and it gives people something to share with others. Plus, when you post regularly, you’re more likely to touch upon all the intents and needs of people searching for this type of content.

Consistently writing and publishing the right kind of content can seem difficult. If you’d rather concentrate on home improvement services, remember you can always outsource marketing to a company that makes high-quality, consistent content its focus.

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