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Three More Tips for Home Improvement Facebook Ads that Perform

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Posted On: October 22, 2019

A few weeks ago, we gave you a list of three things not to do when managing your home improvement Facebook advertising campaigns. Here are three things you should be doing to ensure positive ad performance:

  1. DO pay attention to how you’re bidding on ads.
    Facebook offers six strategies for bidding, and five of those are automatic. You set your targets and goals, and Facebook manages bidding and drives it toward lowest cost via automation. But set-it-and-forget-it mentalities for home improvement ad campaigns can mean blowing through your budget faster than you expect, so keep an eye on spend and tweak your strategies to improve ROI.
  2. DO remember the role of Facebook ads in the buying journey.
    Often, Facebook advertising is a top-funnel or mid-funnel effort. It’s more about making consumers aware of your goods or services than converting them to an immediate buy.

    To properly track the performance of this type of advertising, choose a multi-touch attribution (MTA) model for metrics. These track the lead over multiple channels and help you understand where Facebook ads fit in and how important they are to your marketing efforts.

  3. DO take time to set up a Facebook pixel.
    This is an analytic code you can place on your website to help you track how Facebook users come to your site and what they do when they get there. It also helps you retarget marketing to these users after the fact, which can be invaluable in a multichannel sales cycle. In short: Setting up a pixel ensures you can properly monitor your Facebook ads so you can improve them in the future.

If a lot of this is starting to sound technical, that’s because it is. On the other hand, Facebook provides plenty of user wizards and help articles to walk you through the process, and home improvement companies that would rather spend time on client installations than on social ad tools can also work with partners who can handle online marketing and advertising for them.

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