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Three Digital Marketing Trends Home Improvement Companies Must Understand

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Posted On: September 24, 2019

The “Mad Men” of modern marketing are more likely to be AIs than teams of people gathered over sketches and scotch. But high-tech doesn’t mean out of reach, and home improvement companies of all sizes and types can leverage the three technology trends below to succeed online.

1. Video Marketing
By 2021, more than 80 percent of online traffic will relate to video. Companies that aren’t publishing videos already may find it hard to catch up as this media format continues to gobble consumer interest.

Luckily for home improvement companies, video content is easy to produce. Your message doesn’t have to come via a television-ready commercial spot. Many brands are making waves on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and other video-heavy platforms with little more than a smartphone.

The keys to success with video include:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Creating content that works for the platform (short videos or series of shorts work well on Snapchat or Instagram, but YouTube videos can be almost any length)
  • Delivering content that provides value to consumers and encourages them to share

2. Visual Search
Visual search is an up-and-coming technology. The capability is here, and you can already use it on Google. Some apps and retailers are also leveraging it, though it’s not household tech quite yet.

But home improvement marketing can set the stage to succeed when this tech breaks through completely.

Start by ensuring that visuals are a consideration whenever you create online content, especially for product pages. Create pages with rich images of your products in all styles and colors to increase the chance that a visual search matches on your content.

3. Artificial Intelligence
The worlds of golden-era science fiction have arrived, and AI isn’t quite what the writers predicted. Instead of space odyssey villains, we get smart software that helps get the job done—including in home improvement marketing.

Some areas where AI can improve marketing efforts include:

  • Automated ad bidding to reduce advertising costs while ensuring you get seen by the most relevant audiences
  • Chatbot technology that turns your website into a personalized customer service and marketing tool 24 hours a day
  • Predictive technology that makes it easy to offer potential and returning customers the products that are mostly likely to interest them

One of the best things about these high-tech home improvement marketing trends is that you don’t have to be a programmer or huge company to take advantage of them. Simply start looking into the third-party tools at your disposal to find easy ways to put these digital marketing trends to work for your company.

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