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Take Control of Home Improvement Marketing with GMB Photos

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Posted On: September 3, 2019

Photos aren’t new to Google My Business, but the search engine giant apparently has its ear to the ground to understand business challenges and needs. An update to GMB includes new photo capabilities that put more control in your hands, and Google says more changes of this type are coming.

So what exactly can you do with images on GMB to improve your home improvement online marketing?

Show Off Your Logo
You could already upload your logo to your GMB profile, but the new update puts more emphasis on this critical business asset. When you add business data such as a phone number or hours of operation to GMB, that information sparks the inclusion of your logo on the profile.

For home improvement companies, including a logo helps drive brand recognition, catch browser attention, and ensure locals looking for service know the information on the profile is yours.

Choose Your Main Image
Previously, the photo that appeared in SERPs didn’t always put your best foot forward. Google decided for you; that meant if you put more than one image on your profile, it was sometimes luck of the draw which one consumers saw first.

With the new update, businesses have more control over visual branding and messaging. You can choose the image you want to appear as your main profile photo. That lets you set a brand-specific image or purposefully rotate graphics for seasonal, sales, or campaign reasons.

Know Consumers Can Easily Access Photos
Google’s providing an upgraded photo display option that lets consumers quickly view all the images on your profile. This is great news for home improvement companies that can create miniature galleries of products or finished installations to entice consumers even before they click through to a website. And Google has teased the ability to add captions for added marketing value, saying captions are coming soon.

Taking your GMB profile to the next level with photos and images lets you leverage free search engine real estate to connect with more potential clients.

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