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Know, Do, Go: What These Words Mean for Home Improvement Content Marketing

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Posted On: August 6, 2019

Google and other search engines are in the business of matching user queries with online content that seems best suited for the intent of the search. Home improvement companies that aren’t creating content with searcher intent in mind risk losing out on valuable SERP real estate.

What Is Searcher Intent?
This refers to the reason someone enters a search engine query in the first place. Obviously, they’re looking for a relevant link, but intent goes beyond that. It’s not enough to provide home improvement marketing content; you must deliver content that matches various points in the buying journey.

Searcher intent is typically broken into the following categories:

  • Know: the person wants to find out more or learn something
  • Do: the person wants information about how to do something
  • Go: the person wants directions to a location

What Does This Mean for Home Improvement Marketing?
You must understand how and why people are searching for information relevant to your company and services.

How equals keywords. Conduct keyword research to understand what phrases are performing right now for specific topics. Keywords aren’t just seasoning to pepper into your on-page content; they’re indicators that help you align your content with the needs of the market.

Why equals searcher intent. Combine keyword research with an in-depth understanding of your target audience to determine what customers want during different steps on the buying journey. For example, know searches might include keywords such as “what are roman shades” or “best options for window awnings.” Content that serves these types of queries includes educational posts and buying guides.

Do searches might include phrases such as “blue window coverings.” This is a more specific product search with a potential intent of making a purchase. Home improvement content marketing that serves do queries includes how-to posts, service landing pages, and product descriptions.

Go searches typically ask a where or navigational question, such as “where to buy blinds in Denver.” They can also include searches for a specific business with the intent to find an address or map directions. Home improvement companies should ensure their addresses are listed correctly on their pages, on social profiles and on Google properties such as Google My Business to facilitate go searches.

By targeting searcher intent, you increase your chances of appearing higher in the organic search results and other SERP areas, including map results.

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