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Three Tips for Creating Home Improvement Marketing Content that Attracts Links

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Posted On: July 23, 2019

Pages that earn top billing in Google’s organic search results tend to spawn a lot of backlinks. The average number of referring domains for sites landing on page one of Google results is more than 200.

It’s not completely clear whether the number of backlinks leads to higher search engine ranking or whether quality pages that naturally earn high SERP positions simply lend well to linking.

What is clear is that home improvement marketers should encourage links and shares. That’s because they draw more leads to your site and because this type of activity correlates to better SEO performance.

Here are three tips for creating home improvement marketing copy others want to link to:

1. Go for the Share-Worthy Visual
It’s no secret that social media posts accompanied by an image get a lot more love on average than plain text updates. The same can be true for your blog posts, product pages, and landing pages. Eye-catching images provide something for consumers to share with others on Facebook or Pinterest—and every share is a backlink.

This is especially true for businesses that provide window covering products or design, decor, or renovation services for homeowners. A picture often is worth a thousand words for consumers interested in these goods and services.

2. Create Authoritative How-To Content
When it comes to text content, individuals are more likely to share posts that are informative or entertaining. Home improvement companies that provide tips, guides, or comprehensive FAQs that are relevant and helpful encourage social shares and links from other websites. Ensure your website isn’t all self-serving landing pages and product copy and that it includes something of value for consumers.

3. Get Involved in the Conversation on Social
Spending a few minutes a day liking, commenting on, and sharing others posts and links can foster reciprocation within your online community.

You should also respond to comments from others on your own pages; individuals tend to support companies that are friendly and engaging online because they feel like they are supporting real people, as opposed to robotic corporations.

Remember that with any of these tips for home improvement marketing online, the key is consistency. Update your site with new content regularly and engage with your audience on social several times a week at minimum, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time.

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