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Three Stats Home Improvement Marketers Must Know About Facebook Advertising

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Posted On: July 30, 2019

Over 90 percent of marketers who use social media leverage Facebook in some way, and it’s no surprise the platform is still a favorite. More than 60 percent of the national population over the age of 12 has a Facebook account, so you can engage a lot of people by joining their ranks.

But it’s also easy to waste a lot of your home improvement marketing effort shouting into the void that is social media. So check out these stats about Facebook marketing to gather the lay of the land and plan Facebook marketing and ad campaigns that are more likely to see results.

1. Facebook Is Still Leading, but Instagram Is Closing Fast
Just over 70 percent of social media marketers are leveraging Instagram, but the image-heavy social platform is growing at a rapid rate. It’s also where you want to be if you’re targeting younger generations (including Gen Z and Millennials).

Luckily for home improvement companies, Facebook and Instagram are the same company and you can run ad campaigns on both via a single tool. You can also easily drop your Instagram posts automatically onto your Facebook profile, making it easy to test the waters of both platforms with marketing efforts.

2. Paid Facebook Efforts > Organic Posts for Marketers
Almost 60 percent of marketers plan to increase paid advertising on Facebook. It’s not surprising that sponsored posts are popular with marketers: Platform algorithms make it the most expedient way of ensuring your content is seen by the right audience.

And let’s face it: Facebook knows it gets more out of you as a company when you place paid ads than when you post organic content. It’s always going to arrange things to encourage brands to pony up.

3. But Half of Marketers Are Still Increasing Organic Posting
That doesn’t mean organic posts should fall by the wayside. Home improvement companies still have much to gain by sharing high-value content that customers are likely to like and share. Instead of focusing on a nonstop flow of posts throughout each day, concentrate on delivering quality content on a consistent schedule to encourage the most organic engagement.

Facebook isn’t without challenges—for companies and consumers—but it remains the most-used social platform for many Americans. That makes it an important channel for home improvement marketing.

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