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What You Need to Know About Google My Business Short URLs

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Posted On: June 11, 2019

Ever wondered whether you could simplify online marketing for your home improvement company? While integrated strategies and SEO aren’t getting easier, Google is rolling out one change that simplifies how you share your GMB profile.

Recent reports indicate that Google is rolling out an easy-to-use name and URL shortener for your GMB pages. As this change hits accounts, you can log into your GMB profile, select the info tab, and click on the option for “Add profile short name” to shorten your GMB URL.

It’s a small action that will take you seconds to complete, but the knock-on effects for your home improvement marketing could be much bigger than that.

First, a shorter URL for your GMB profile makes it much easier to share—whether you’re doing the sharing or happy homeowners are doing it on your behalf. Some reasons a short URL is easier to share:

  • It’s easier to remember, so consumers who want to share it can easily find it or type it
  • It’s more convenient to copy and paste—especially on a mobile device
  • It takes up less room, allowing for more messaging on platforms that restrict character counts

Second, branded short URLs are typically more trustworthy than generic URLs or long links full of confusing characters and number strings. In fact, a branded short link (which is what you get when you customize your GMB link) leads to 40 percent more click-through than a generic short URL.

With so many people concerned about scams or phishing schemes, anything you do to create a URL that is easily recognizable goes a long way toward increasing click-through rates.

You might not see this option in your GMB profile immediately, as Google seems to be rolling it out over accounts slowly. But when it does arrive, take advantage of this simple way of boosting home improvement marketing efforts and create a GMB short URL as soon as possible.

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