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Four Reasons You Should Put Google’s New GMB Option to Work for Home Improvement Marketing

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Posted On: June 18, 2019

You work hard for online reviews, and Google is reportedly rolling out a tool that lets those reviews work harder for you. Google is suggesting positive reviews from your business profile that you can quickly turn into GMB posts.

While not everyone is seeing this opportunity yet, here are four reasons to make use of it immediately when it shows up on your home improvement GMB profile:

  1. Reviews Help Consumers Make a Buying Decision
    Consumers rely heavily on reviews during all stages of the buying journey. It’s not enough to see a high star quality on your GMB page—consumers want to view an average of 40 reviews before they believe that rating was fairly earned. Highlighting reviews in your GMB posts makes it more obvious that you have them, which can help homeowners take you more seriously.
  2. GMB Posts Are Live in Search Results
    GMB posts are live in search for up to a week by default, and you might be able to set your posts to extend that for about another two weeks.That means they’ll show up for relevant search results on your GMB profile and sometimes in Google Maps and organic search results. Turning reviews into posts every week or two is a fast way to generate SEO content for your profile while showing off different services and products you provide.
  3. Consumers Trust Review Content More than Your Home Improvement Marketing Content
    Many consumers trust online reviews as much as they would a referral from a friend, and that’s more than they trust a brand’s message about itself. Anyone can claim to be an expert at installing custom window covers, but when a homeowner tells others how you provided excellent service and results for their windows, it’s even more credible.
  4. Reviews Can Set the Stage for Targeted CTAs
    Some reviews provide an easy segue into a targeted call to action. For example, if someone has praised your custom blind installation in their review, you can include a CTA and link to your blinds product or service page in your GMB post.If Google suggests positive reviews for your GMB posts, consider taking them up on the offer. You can quickly edit the reviews to include images and links or be short enough for an effective post, creating the potential for high ROI from a home improvement marketing task that only takes minutes.

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