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Succeed with Thoughtfulness in Funeral Home Marketing

Posted On: November 8, 2016

At Ring Ring Marketing, funeral home marketing has been one of our primary specialties for some time now. And as we’ve worked with clients to drive revenue and make their phones rings with an abundance of new leads from the internet, I’ve been giving some thought to why our agency is so well suited for the death care industry.

What I’ve realized is that RRM is particularly appropriate for funeral home marketing for two reasons. One is that we do a certain thing the same all the time. The other is that we do a certain thing differently all the time. Let me explain:

Here’s what we do the same every time: We treat our clients with the utmost care and respect. It’s always been incredibly important to me to do things the right way. Be honest and upfront. Never promise what you can’t absolutely deliver. Create a process where we only make money when the client makes money. Understand that we’re in this together: We’re working together with you to ensure our mutual success.

That’s how it works with everything we do, but that mindset is particularly useful for creating effective funeral home marketing campaigns. Because business people in the death care industry understand that compassion and thoughtfulness is foundational to delivering great service.

For at-need services, you’re working with clientele who are going through an incredibly challenging time: the death of a loved one. For pre-need services, you’re engaging with individuals either planning for their own passing or for that of a family member. Either way, these processes require compassion, caring and a dedication to always being professional and forthright.

That’s what makes funeral home marketing such a particular specialty. You can’t simply treat it like every other industry. Many of the same tools are successful in this line, but they can’t simply be put into action without any consideration for your target audience and the challenges those clients are facing. They need to be handled with nuance and respect, and we understand exactly how to do that.

Which brings us to the thing we do differently all the time at Ring Ring Marketing: We structure every campaign specifically to the needs of the particular client. We also consider how are processes work for the particular industry. Some other agencies try to employ the exact same tactics and language for funeral home marketing that they would for an auto repair shop or a local diner. That simply doesn’t make sense.

An effective, successful marketing campaign takes everything about the client into consideration from the outset. Death care can’t (and simply shouldn’t) be treated like every other service. And not every death care provider has the same needs and goals as other ones.

That’s why I’m so excited to be working with so many wonderful death care providers on a variety of funeral home marketing ideas and techniques. What they do is so important to our society. They provide comfort and care to people at their most vulnerable times. And they understand the importance of running a business with sympathy and sensitivity.

When we work with these providers, we help them design campaigns that are respectful and thoughtful while also being incredibly effective. We show them how they can use the power of the internet to drive leads, increase case counts, improve word of mouth, and deliver revenue.

When developing the best content for funeral home marketing campaign, you have to hit a particular sweet spot. You need to use structures and terms that ensure the best return on investment, that compel people to choose you over your competitors, that engage the demographic most beneficial to your business. But you need to do so without coming off as crass or overly “salesy.”

It’s not the sort of thing every marketing and advertising agency is equipped to handle. Many of them try to fit every type of business into a “one size fits all” approach, because that’s easier and cheaper for them. But that’s rarely effective, and it actually can be detrimental to your reputation.

We take a hands-on approach with every single funeral home marketing campaign. We get to know you and your specific goals. We keep you involved every step of the way, showing you comprehensive analytics so you understand exactly how the money you’re investing is turning into new leads, increased case counts and improved market share.

When something’s working well, we continue to develop it so its becomes and even better revenue generator for you. When something could be working better, we immediately work with you to change or refine it. At Ring Ring Marketing, your success is our success, so we’re entirely dedicated to ensuring your funeral home marketing campaign is successful.

The notions of being effective and reverent are not mutually exclusive. You can promote your business as powerfully and profoundly as in any other industry while still showing care and compassion. At Ring Ring Marketing, we know exactly how to do that.

If you’ve been reluctant to move forward from print advertising and old-school local networking to online funeral home marketing, I can assure you, there’s nothing to worry about. When it’s done properly, it’s incredibly effective and professional — and it delivers an even better return on investment than traditional advertising ever has.

We’re now living in a digital age, a time when more and more people research every type of business online, and that includes death care. Whether they’re looking into pre-need or at-need services, they’re making their determinations based on what they find on the internet.

If you have a strong presence online, with a high-converting website, strong search engine optimization and compelling pay-per-click ads, you will dominate your local market and see remarkable improvement in case counts. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue — and letting your competitors rule this ever-expanding field.

There’s no reason to let exceptional opportunities in this area pass you by. I encourage every business in the death care industry to start making plans for online promotion as soon as possible. Combining tried and true promotional techniques with thoughtfulness and care creates funeral home marketing campaigns that ensure client satisfaction while driving revenue.

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