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Is Keyword Tracking Useless?

Posted On: September 25, 2016

For many years, search engine optimization has been focused around target keywords and rankings. Lately, there has been quite a bit of discussion about this topic to observe the changes that are occurring in the search engine rankings.

There are some valid arguments that keyword tracking might be falling by the wayside as the search engine algorithms change. But, even though things are changing, it doesn’t mean that you should stop tracking the results that are coming from your SEO efforts.

Personalization Causes Varied Results

One reason that keyword tracking is becoming more difficult than before is that personalization causes the rankings to vary. The results aren’t the same for every individual… there are many factors that influence the results that you receive when you do a search on Google.

For example, search engine results are influenced by the type of device that you are using, localization, personal search history, and online activity. Since the results fluctuate based on these factors, there isn’t one true ranking that can be measured and reported.

Improving Accuracy in Keyword Reporting

There are several things that can be done to improve the results that show in a keyword report. It is important to remove previous search history which can bias the search session. Also, localization needs to be considered for your business.

As an example, keyword rankings need to be evaluated from the location where your customers might be searching. If you have a local business, then the keyword reports need to be focused around searches that happen in your local area.

The best solution to show accurate SEO progress is to look at different types of ranking reports. For example, these ranking reports might show desktop rankings and mobile rankings, allowing you to see the differences depending on the type of device used by the customer. Additionally, local rankings can be used to show the variations between different physical locations.

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