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How to Use Facebook Live to Increase Engagement with Your Customers

Posted On: September 28, 2016

Social media is a powerful way to build relationships with your customers. Are you utilizing the tools that are available to share high-quality information online? Many small businesses have Facebook pages, but they don’t effectively use the resources that are available. Facebook Live is one feature that you should consider using for your business.

What is Facebook Live?

Within the past year, Facebook Live was rolled out to all accounts. This feature allows you to share a real-time video with people who are following your page. Through the live messages in the video, you can offer updates and information for people who are interested in what you have to say.

When using Facebook Live, you can talk with people online at that moment. At the same time, the Facebook Live video is posted onto your business page, so that other customers can view the information if they missed the live presentation.

Video Marketing for Your Business

Video is becoming more powerful as a way to connect with people and building your business. For example, it has been found that a customer is more likely to buy a product after they have seen it on a video. Online video viewing helps to increase trust and make people remember the products and services that you have to offer.

The biggest stumbling block to the use of video online is that many business owners assume that they need to hire a professional video team to record high-quality videos. There are times when these types of videos are necessary. But, social media has created an atmosphere where you can share information in an effective way without hiring a professional team. It is as simple as turning on the video features on your smartphone. Sharing an authentic message in this way can be much more effective than spending a lot of money on a professional video shoot.

Tips for Improving Facebook Live Videos

When you are recording a Facebook Live video, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Increase Engagement: Stretch out the time that you are spending on Facebook Live to increase the number of viewers that join in. Share an introduction, tell them what you are planning to talk about, and entice the viewers to stay on the line. During the conversation, look for ways to personalize the message and get people to engage with your video. For example, you might ask the viewers how they are doing and invite them to type messages in the comments. Also, encourage people to share and like the video, which will help to make it visible to other interested viewers.
  • Two-Way Conversation: Don’t be fooled to think that you are the only one doing the talking. Ask questions and invite a two-way conversation so that you can build relationships with your customers. This video can be a great platform that you can use to answer questions and connect with your followers.
  • Repeat the Information: Don’t be afraid to be repetitive in the message that you are sharing. People tend to drop in and out when you are sharing a live video, which means that there are people who might not have heard something that you said earlier in the video. Don’t repeat the information verbatim. Instead, rephrase it in different ways to emphasize the point that you are trying to make.
  • Call Out Viewers By Name: One of the best ways to personalize the experience is to say the names of the people who are engaging with the video. For example, say the name of someone who just commented on the video, then share their question out loud to reinforce the behavior of interacting with the video.

People love watching videos online! Facebook is working hard to increase video views, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular websites for viewing online videos. Look for ways that you can include Facebook Live videos in your online marketing campaign, and you will see that it has an immediate impact on the relationship that you can build with your customers.

For more information about effective social media sharing and online marketing efforts, make sure that you are working with an experienced marketing team. Here at Ring Ring Marketing, we are available to help! Contact us anytime if you have questions about your online efforts.

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