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Why Long-Tail Keywords are Critical for Your SEO Success

Posted On: July 9, 2016

SEO competition can be difficult for short-tail keywords, especially when all of your competitors are chasing the same keyword. Instead of battling over the highly competitive phrases, there are many situations when it is more effective to target the long tail keywords. Don’t dismiss these low-volume keywords, because they represent low hanging fruit that is ripe for the picking.

When the right SEO strategy is used, long tail keywords can be worth their weight in gold. Many local businesses have found that they can exponentially increase their online traffic by aiming for the targeted long tail keywords. Plus, these searches are dialed in to help you connect with the valuable, targeted traffic that turns into paying customers.

How Do Long Tail Keywords Impact Your Business?

As an example, data shows that there is a strong demand curve for related keywords. Thousands of searches happen in the United States each month for popular keywords such as “vinyl windows.” If you offer vinyl windows in Los Angeles, then it doesn’t offer any benefit for your website to show up to a searcher in Virginia.

Instead of chasing the highly competitive keyword “vinyl windows,” you can dial in your demographic more effectively by ranking for “vinyl windows in Los Angeles.” This long tail keyword example is a valuable way to connect with customers who are looking for your product within your service area. As a result, you bring in more customers and your online efforts pay off!

There are two important aspects that need to be considered when planning your long tail keyword campaign:

1. Local Keywords: If you have a business that serves a specific local area, then it makes sense for your website to rank for those local keywords. Target the main city in the area as well as the suburbs where the services are offered.

2. Conversion Keywords: Keywords can offer insight into whether a person is ready to make a purchase. Don’t waste your efforts on keywords such as “do it yourself vinyl windows,” because the keywords show that the person is less inclined to pay money for the help of a professional contractor.

Here at Ring Ring Marketing, we’ve found it very effective to use a large scale blast with long-tail keywords. By using a wide range of highly targeted keywords, we can dial in the demographic with precision and accuracy. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how this keyword strategy can be used for your website.

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