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Resolution #4 – Reduce Load Time

Posted On: March 1, 2016

One of the really important aspects of optimizing your site for mobile is having a quicker load time. Take a second to think about how long you will wait for a site to load when you are on your mobile phone before you get annoyed and move onto the next site in the search engine results.

You don’t want yours to be the website people leave, you want your website to be sticky. The good news, it is pretty easy to see how your site speed is performing. All you need to do is type your URL into a site tester like https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/.

And the Google PageSpeed Insights tester will give you a detailed list of recommendations you can use to increase the speed rating of your site. As you can probably guess, site speed is one of the factors Google uses in its algorithms to determine search rankings. Although, it is not a dominate ranking factor yet, it is for sure that in the near future, it will become one of the dominate one.

So, even if you are not concerned with how sticky your site is (and you should be), if you want your search results to improve, speeding up your site is one of the ways you can improve your site rankings in search.

You will also notice that the Google tester will let you know how quickly your site renders on both mobile and on desktop. Since Google has different search engines for each, it is important that you optimize your site speed so that your site performs well both on mobile and on desktop.

Many of the recommendations are easy to deal with, you can either talk to your web developer or web hosting company. However, as always, if you need more assistance, you can always feel free to contact us at Ring Ring Marketing.

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