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Resolution #2 – Make a One-Minute Business Profile Video

Posted On: March 1, 2016

Your relationship with a customer starts the moment they first come into contact with your business. This is true if the contact comes from an advertisement, from word of mouth, or from them finding your website.

Sometimes it helps to look at the entire process between a customer encountering your business and you selling them a product as a “long handshake.” We all know that sometimes the quality of a handshake can make all the difference in business relationships. A good introductory video can be a really firm beginning to that handshake.

How much easier will it be to close deals when your customers already feel like they know you and your staff before they even call you or walk into your location? How much easier will it be to create connections when they have already seen all of your employees in action and heard their voices?

It used to be really expensive to hire videographers, but thanks to sites like www.smartshoot.com, competition has driven prices down for everyone.

On sites like Smart Shoot you can either look at all the different videographers and choose them after viewing their portfolios and reading their reviews or you can create an open project and invite all of them to bid for your job and then decide using whatever methods you want.

These business profile video should be around 1 min in length. It shouldn’t be overly long as people’s attention span is not long these days. These videos should have footages of your location and of actual job sites.

Once you have a good video, you should post it on your home page, on your about us page, and on all of your social media profiles.

Start that handshake off right!

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