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Resolution #1 – Make Sure You Have A High Converting Website

Posted On: March 1, 2016

Okay, so you have a website, it gets some business and it looks pretty good, but does it maximize conversions? In other words, how many of the people visiting the site actually move into your sales funnel?

Sometimes, it is hard to remember that the purpose of a website is the same as any other part of your business, to add value to the bottom line.

Just like in your brick and mortar location, one of the keys to increasing conversion is helping people connect with the things that make your company special.

In practice, this means you want to demonstrate visually on the site what is so attractive to people who enter your store:

  • The credentials and experience of you and your staff
  • Before and after pictures of the amazing work your company does
  • High quality information about what makes your products and services a cut above your competition

And even better news, you don’t have to figure out which of the things you show on your site result in conversion behaviors. If you set up your site with search in mind, you installed the code necessary to use Google Analytics.

It is amazing what embedding that little bit of code on your website can let you know. You can actually use the reports Google Analytics generates for you to determine what your customers gravitate towards and which “calls to action” are actually generating leads for your company.

In many cases, Google Analytics can help you choose what strategies and approaches work best and what you should emphasize moving forward.

If you need help with navigating Google Analytics, we have webinars on our website that can help you, or feel free to ask us for more information.

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