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Your Monthly Google Algorithm Changes Update

Posted On: December 30, 2014

We’ve been telling you about Google’s latest algorithm update, informally named Pigeon, for the past couple of months. Now Google’s announced that it has launched a new version of the Panda algorithm update, and the Penguin algorithm update should be, well, updated close to the end of the year. We know that might all sound a little technical. Updates to updates, and all of them starting with a P, no less. We don’t blame you if you’re having a hard time telling your Pandas from your Penguins from your Pigeons from your parakeets, platypuses and puppies.

At the heart of it, all changes to Google search functions are focused on improving results for searchers. As we’ve mentioned before, the main thing to keep in mind is ensuring that you’re providing high-quality original content and giving searchers what they want: good information, useful content that includes pictures and video, and relevant links. With that said, here are a few important details to know about these new changes:

According to Google, the new Panda update incorporates feedback from users and webmasters to more precisely identify low-quality content. The goal is to help higher-quality sites of small and medium sizes appear higher in the search results, which should be a boon to all businesses following the practices we noted above.

The data analytics provider Searchmetrics published a report regarding the “winners and losers” of the new Panda update, based on what trends could be easily seen so far. The winners included news sites and download portals; the losers included sites focused on games, lyrics, and medical/health information.

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