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Focusing on Yelp as Yahoo Descends Into Irrelevance

Posted On: October 4, 2014

Yahoo Local once was an important tool for local business owners, but that time has passed. Yelp listings with reviews now completely overwrite Yahoo Local listings for the same business.

That’s been a tough pill to swallow for businesses who had strong Yahoo Local profiles, but as we’ve said many times before: The world of online marketing evolves all the time, and the only option is to roll along with it.

Yahoo ostensibly was the industry leader in Local just eight years ago, but it’s been in freefall since, and its revolving door at the executive level provides no assurance that will change. (The rise of a little company called Google didn’t help matters.)

Meanwhile, having a strong Yelp profile and unfiltered reviews connect with searches has never been more important. We’ve mentioned this a lot in recent newsletters, but the reach of a Yelp profile has dramatically increased over the last couple of years.

Earlier in the company’s existence, a Yelp review was essentially only seen by Yelpers. In the local search space, Citysearch was the darling of the review industry, thanks to the syndication of those reviews on a broad spectrum of platforms.

But in 2012, Yelp made its move. Adding reviews to Bing was a key first step, but the inclusion of Yelp reviews to Apple Maps was a huge forward leap.

More recently, Mapquest followed suit in integrating Yelp content, and several smaller (but important) also added Yelp data. Finally, Yelp has entered into a partnership with YP, the former yellowpages.com.

Bottom line: Yelp is becoming a bigger player all the time, and as we’ve noted before, it’s much better to work with Yelp than against it.

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