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It’s time to take mobile…seriously

Posted On: August 31, 2014

We’ve mentioned the importance of being a mobile -friendly business before, but again, this is one subject we can’t impress upon you enough.

In many demographics, potential customers are already far more likely to access your business through a smartphone or tablet than on a desktop  computer.

They need to be able to interact with your business easily through mobile devices, and mobile also provides you an additional opportunity to market to these people through their devices

Over the past two years, Google has repeatedly designed and launched new features on mobile first, including the most recent ad format and the latest version of Google Maps.

Industry analysts believe Google needs to embrace mobile-first design to protect its $60-billion bottom line, the vast majority of which depends on advertising.

Long story short, your business absolutely needs to consider mobile in all of its Internet marketing processes. Your Ring Ring Marketing representative can help you understand the most cost-efficient way to ensure you’re as compatible with mobile as possible.

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